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Duluth, MN

Cold As Fuck.

Have you ever tried to play music in -15 degree weather? Maybe you have, but what if there were wind gusts and snow bursts of up to 30 miles per hour? Have you tried that? I have. It was an epic fail.

Why did I even try to play my drums in such hostile conditions? We had a gig, and we were trying to make good on it I guess. The event organizer was pleading with us to play a few songs and we repeatedly told him it was not possible under those conditions. It was eye opening to observe how little this person knew about what it takes to put on a concert.

I remember trying to set up my drums. Even with gloves the hardware was ice cold and the drums sounded absolutely terrible. Too bad no one has any video of the experience, although perhaps it is better that there is no footage of it. You can use your imagination.

Can this be a new thing? CAF (Cold as Fuck). That was CAF man. It was CAF. We have Hot AF, so maybe it would be C AF, not sure. Like if someone disses you or as they now say “throws shade,” you could say “oh shit that was CAF.” Anyways, back to the story.

So we actually had all of our musical gear on the icy and hazardous stage, but given that our hands were freezing, it would not be possible to play the show.

I should mention this was in Duluth, MN. Oh I’m laughing so hard about this. It was 8 in the morning. Why did we even consider playing?! What were we thinking?!

The event was for a fundraiser for veterans, and the task was to run around in your underwear for a specified distance. It’s the perfect activity for Duluth, MN.

The people at this event have warm souls and a lot of love, but the planning needs some work.

This was a good example of having a vision in your head completely disconnected from reality. I’m sure in the promoter’s mind this concert would be legendary, but when clashing with reality, the show was not even possible.

So, we woke up at the crack of dawn, drove to a big snowy field, waited around for 3 hours, and then left. That was it.

What was the takeaway? Sometime things are impossible, and you need to know when to quit. Some say quitters never win. Well, those people never had to play music outside in negative 15 degree weather. I’ve come to learn more about that statement. I used to subscribe to it, never wanting to quit for feeling shame about it. You know what? It’s a bunch a crap! I suggest being aware of when it is time to quit so you cut your losses and allow new and better opportunities to open up. Heed my words!