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Driftwood First Show - blog 9

New Ventures

I have accepted an opportunity to play with the band Driftwood for their upcoming fall tour! You could say this was years in the making. Chris invited me to a Driftwood show in NYC, at least 7 years ago. He is good friends with the bass player and has spent some time hanging with the band. I believe he even played with them a few times.

Flash forward to August of 2021 and I find myself living in Ithaca, NY. My subconscious remembered that Driftwood was based in this area. I did not expect to be asked to audition for them, but timing seemed to work out. One day I call Joe to see how he is doing and schedule a time to jam together. The next day he calls me back and says Driftwood is looking for a drummer. After my audition I received an offer to be their drummer for the upcoming fall shows. My calendar has filled up. This is what I want to be doing; playing fun music with fun people and being compensated for it.

In addition to Driftwood, I also have a few shows coming up with Golden Estate Entertainment. Morgan and I have known each other for many years, and she continues to build a top notch music agency specializing in weddings and special events.

Another exciting development is my involvement with Maddy Walsh of the Blind Spots. Maddy is preparing for her CD release show on November 6th and the music is fierce! I am looking forward to adding my musical touches on the drums for this project. Buy tickets by clicking here!

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