Touring with Driftwood

For their fall tour dates, I will be performing on the drums with the band Driftwood. We will be playing at Eastbound Throwdown, The Fall Down, Harvest Fest, and Shakori Hills Grassroots! This is music that I love and I look forward to creating some magic on the stage with the wonderful musicians in this project.

For tour dates, click here

Hip Hop studio album in the works

Get ready for a unique kind of hip hop record. This is the kind of recording you’ll want to listen to with a fat joint at the ready. Travel through a maze of stories and concepts that are sure to blow your mind, and did I mention the sick beats that will reveal themselves as you dive deeper and deeper into your listening session? This is a journey through mysterious trains, swamps, dreams, and house parties; a wild ride through flows, rhythms, and dialogue that will keep you on your toes and excite at every twist and turn. Whether you listen alone or with friends, the experience will be a memorable one.

This project is in the works!

Save the Child

Prepare yourself for a listening experience unlike any other. Will you be able to solve the mystery of the Magdalene? Joined by a secret agent as your guiding voice, you will embark on a spooky quest to save a missing child.

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